Heaven, Hell, and The Afterlife

Death and The Intermediate State (Hebrews 9:27)

We all have questions about death and what occurs after we die. In this first sermon of this series we look at death from the biblical perspective and lay the foundation for the entire series where we will be looking at Heaven and Hell.

The Horror of Hell (Part 1)

The Bible speaks clearly about hell. The whole aim of Scripture is not just to give us details about hell but warn us about hell. Jesus spoke about hell to help us understand what he was seeking to save us from.

The Horror of Hell (Part 2)

As we continue our look at what the Bible says about hell, in this sermon we address a few theological ideas that are popular in our day, which Scripture proves to be false. What we learn is that we must urgently proclaim the biblical doctrine of hell in order to warn people of the reality of hell. 

The Glory of Heaven (Part 1)

The Bible has much to say about heaven but the overall point is to show us the glory of God. Heaven will be a place of joy as God will dwell with us and we with him for all of eternity.

The Glory of Heaven (Part 2)

We all have questions about heaven: What will we be like in heaven? What will we do in heaven? In part 2 of the glory of heaven we look at how the Bible answers those questions.

The Glory of Heaven (Part 3)

In part 3 of the glory of heaven we continue to answer the questions: What will we be like in heaven and what will we do there? The Bible has much to say about this so we must allow God's Word to guide our thoughts and speculations when contemplating heaven.