Introduction to Esther (Romans 11:33)

If we are going to understand how God is working to accomplish his purpose in Esther we must begin by grasping and understanding of the providence of God. We need to grasp the truth that while God is not named within the Book of Esther He is quietly working in the background for His own glory and the good of His people. 

Rise to Power (Esther 1:1 - 2:18)

In Esther 1:1 - 2:18 God raises up an unknown Jewish orphan girl to a position of power within the Persian Empire. Little does Esther know that there is a grand plan at play in all of this. What we learn is that as God works through the events, actions, and decisions of our lives, He is working all things out for His glory, our good, and the good of others. 

An Evil Interlude (Esther 2:19 - 4:3)

Evil invades our lives because we live in a fallen world plagued by sin. However, God desires to step in and help us when evil invades our world and lives.

Self-Sacrifice for Salvation (Esther 4:4 - 5:14)

Esther prepares to sacrifice herself in order to save her people, this ultimately points us to Jesus who did sacrifice himself upon the cross in order to save his people.

When God Seems Absent, He's Present (Esther 6:1-14)

Things are seldom as they seem. We often go through times in life and wonder "Where is God?" but when He seems absent, He is present and has been there all along.

Pride Always Leads to Destruction (Esther 7:1-10)

Proverbs 16:18 says, "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.”  As we look at the events of Haman's life we are reminded that pride always leads to destruction.

The Tables Turned (Esther 8:1-17)

Just like the Jews in Esther's day, we live under an irrevocable decree against sin which will lead to death. However, God has issued a counter-decree through, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which says there is deliverance from the original decree of death.

The Tables Turned, Part 2 (Esther 9:1 - 10:3)

We must be faithful in the places where God has placed us, for he has placed us there for such a time as this. Mordecai and Esther were faithful where God had placed them and it lead to the deliverance of their people.