7 Last Words

Forgiveness and Salvation (Luke 23:34, 42-43)

The first words Jesus speaks from the cross are words of forgiveness and salvation. As Jesus speaks to the Father in a prayer and speaks to a criminal dying near Him, we see how we can receive forgiveness and salvation.

Affection (John 19:25b-27)

As Jesus shows the affection He has for his mother, by entrusting her into the care of John, we get a glimpse of the affection He has for all those who belong to Him.

Abandonment (Matthew 27:45-49)

As Jesus takes upon Himself the sin of the world the Father distances Himself from the Son. It is during this time of abandonment that Jesus drinks the full cup of God's wrath against sin. Jesus suffers abandonment so that we do not have to.

Suffering, Victory, and Contentment (John 19:28-30; Luke 23:46)

As Jesus suffers under the punishment of the cross He finds victory in the completion of the work of redemption and He finds contentment in the restoration of His relationship with the Father.